After designing a brand identity for Bluebonnet Beefmasters, Matt and Summer approached me again, this time, to design an identity for a new business project they had been dreaming of. Genetics Edge is a new app that allows farmers and ranchers to buy and sell artificial insemination for cattle – basically, Tinder for cows. It is an incredible one-of-a-kind business opportunity for this market so I was eager to get started. The brand design needed to be modern and edgy to portray this innovative new business while subtlety relating to genetics and artificial insemination. The final logo features two custom lowercase “g’s” that resemble a genetic DNA strand. This custom “g” becomes a stand alone icon for the brand, particularly for the app icon. Setting the entire logo in a custom rounded lowercase type makes the logo more friendly and approachable to balance the scientific symbolism of the “g”. The medium gray and bright golden orange colors feel professional and stimulating. This was such a unique project to work on and I can’t wait for it to hit the market!