This first phase is crucial to a successful project. It is used to determine your inspiration, preferences, ideas, etc. Each Exploration process is different and unique. The process begins with gathering visual inspiration from you. I’ll ask you to create a Pinterest board or PDF document that visually represents your brand. Additionally I’ll ask you to fill out a short questionnaire that gives me insight into your company, your brand, your competition, your target audience, etc. Findings from this phase are used to shape and inform the other phases.

Deliverable(s): Mood Board


The design phase is the actual creative design of your brand – the part where we bring your brand to life. Initial logo design concepts are created to determine a solid direction for the brand based on information gathered during Exploration. Once the initial direction has been finalized, you will receive iterations on the initial direction.

Deliverable(s): Logo and Brand Style Board


This phase takes place after the logo and brand style board is finalized. During this phase, we will extend your brand to business cards, stationery, and social media design. This enhances the conviction, connection and consistency of your brand by extending it to other media outlets so that you are depicting yourself in a singular image and tone of voice.

Deliverable(s): Business Cards, Stationery and Social Media Design