Vickery Place Animal Hospital is a veterinary clinic founded in 2006 that strives to provide valuable and compassionate care to pets of Knox / Henderson (and surrounding areas of Dallas). Recent updates to the facility sparked the idea for updating their brand identity as well. The goal was a cleaner, more professional logo that still represented the homey, cozy feeling of the clinic itself. This project consisted of two pieces: a refreshed identity for the clinic, as well as a refreshed identity for their cat boarding facility, The Cat Cottage. The boarding facility logo followed the same style as the clinic logo so it was designed after the clinic logo was finalized. We explored a variety of options – some that were cleaner, refined versions of their existing logo and some that were much more bold and contemporary. The final logo respectfully harkens back to the previous logo while providing a refreshed identity for the updated clinic. The previous color palette of emerald green, maroon and mauve was simplified to a maroon and grey color palette that reflects the professionalism of the clinic. The team at Vickery Place Animal Hospital genuinely provides the best service to the pets in their care and now, they can continue doing so with an updated brand identity that reflects the compassion and professionalism of their practice.